In April, Family Businesses for Affordable Energy highlighted a long and growing list of utility companies that are passing the savings from tax reform on to their customers in the form of lower electricity rates. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act slashed the corporate rate from 35% to 21%, and those reductions have provided tangible benefits for electricity users in the private and commercial sectors. Cost-conscious family businesses across the country continue to benefit from the renewed, enterprise-friendly tax and energy policies that Congress and the administration have enacted over the past year and a half. Since April, the list of utilities cutting rates on energy consumers has grown exponentially, reaching 101 as of June 6. One such example is Otter Tail Power Company. This investor-owned electric utility provides electricity for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, serving 132,200 customers in 422 communities across Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The company is headquartered in Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and has been in operation since 1909.

“Otter Tail sought to reduce its interim electric rate increase from 10.4 percent to 6.8 percent. Typical residential customers would see a reduction of about $3.10 a month, a company spokeswoman said, and business customers would see an $18.25 drop.”

The list is replete with similar examples of cost savings for small, family owned and operated businesses. These savings ensure that business owners can invest in new equipment, employ more people, and offer higher wages. The revised list of utility companies sharing the benefits of tax reform is below:

  1. Alabama Power
  2. Alaska Electric Light and Power
  3. Alliant Energy, Wisconsin
  4. Alpena Power Co.
  5. Ameren Illinois
  6. Appalachian Power Co.
  7. Arizona Public Service
  8. Atlanta Gas Light Co.
  10. Avista Corporation
  11. Baltimore Gas & Electric
  12. Black Hills Energy
  13. California Water Service
  14. Citizens’ Electric Company of Lewisburg
  15. Cleco Corporation.
  16. College Utilities
  17. Commonwealth Edison
  18. Consumers Energy
  19. Delmarva Power
  20. Dominion Energy, Utah
  21. DTE Energy
  22. Duke Energy Carolinas and Duke Energy Progress 
  23. Duke Energy Florida
  24. Duke Energy Kentucky, Inc.
  25. Duke Energy Ohio, Inc.
  26. El Paso Electric Company
  27. Enstar Natural Gas Company
  28. Entergy Arkansas
  29. Entergy Louisiana
  30. Entergy Mississippi
  31. Entergy New Orleans
  32. Entergy Texas
  33. Eversource Energy
  34. Georgia Power
  35. Golden Heart Utilities
  36. Green Mountain Power
  37. Gulf Power Company
  38. Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric, Hawai’I Electric Light
  39. Idaho Power
  40. Illinois American Water
  41. Indiana-Michigan Power
  42. Iowa American Water Co.
  43. ITC Holdings Corporation
  44. Kansas City Power and Light
  45. Kentucky Utilities
  46. Louisville Gas and Electric Company 
  47. Madison Gas & Electric
  48. Metropolitan Edison Company
  49. Michigan Gas Utilities Corp.
  50. MidAmerican Energy Company
  51. Missouri American Water
  52. Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.
  53. National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation
  54. National Grid
  55. National Grid Rhode Island
  56. Nevada Energy
  57. New Jersey American Water
  58. New Jersey Natural Gas
  59. Nicor Gas
  60. Northern Indiana Public Service Company
  61. Northern States Power
  62. NorthWestern Energy
  63. Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company
  64. Oncor Electric Delivery
  65. One Gas Inc.
  66. Otter Tail Power Co.
  67. Pacific Power
  68. PacifiCorp
  69. PECO Energy Company
  70. Pennsylvania Electric Company
  71. Pennsylvania Power Company
  72. Pennsylvania-American Water Company
  73. Pennsylvania-American Water Company-Wastewater
  74. Peoples Gas Company LLC
  75. Peoples Natural Gas Company LLC-Equitable Division
  76. Pepco
  77. Pike County Light & Power Company
  78. PPL Electric Utilities Corporation
  79. Public Service Company of New Mexico
  80. Public Service Enterprise Group
  81. Puget Sound Energy Inc.
  82. Quadvest
  83. Rocky Mountain Power
  84. SEMCO Energy Gas Co.
  85. Southwest Gas
  86. Spire Inc.
  87. Superior Water, Light & Power
  88. Tampa Electric
  89. The United Illuminating Company
  90. Tucson Electric Power Company
  91. UGI Central Penn Gas Inc.
  92. UGI Penn Natural Gas Inc.
  93. UGI Utilities Inc.
  94. Upper Michigan Energy Resources Corp. (UMERC)
  95. Upper Peninsula Power Company
  96. Vermont Gas Systems, Inc. 
  97. We Energies
  98. Wellsboro Electric Company
  99. West Penn Power Company
  100. WeStar Energy
  101. Xcel Energy

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